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NYC Filmmakers

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This is a community for New York City Filmmakers. It is EXCLUSIVE to New York area filmmakers or filmmakers coming to NYC to work.
--If you are a professional or student filmmaker, this is a place to find a crew, actors, and anything else you might need.
--If you have experience working with film and are lookign for experience or a people to work with, post here.
--If you are are an actor/actress in search of a non-paying/paying job in NYC for experience, this community will serve as an online call board.
--If you have a script or film idea and would like help refining it, this is a place to post.
--Events and other film-related items may also be posted here.

1) You MUST be from New York or the New York area to join this community. You may also post if you are going to be working on a film in the NYC area.
2) All posts MUST be film related.
3) No pimping communities unless they are film related.

If you are a filmmaker:
You may post messages pertaining to projects you wish to participate in.

If you are an actor
Please post a description of yourself, as well as acting experience in this format.
Name [First name required, last name not required for internet safety.]
Acting Experience including past rolls and any formal acting training.
Also, if possible Picture of yourself for the sake of directors. Obviously, all pictures must be appropriate for public viewing, and preferably posted under a lj cut.

If you have a website or lj post about any projects you wish to find crew or actors for, link to it in your post. Please post important notes in your re line.

If you would like to post a button to this community on your journal or website, you may use this image:

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